Belly to Baby – Houston TX Newborn Photography

If you have a little one, or are about to have one, you know how quickly the time flies by. This is why many photographers have baby plans and portrait plans. It is a simple way for us to remind you that those precious moments are passing by and you might want to come in and capture those.

Our most popular portrait plan is Belly to Baby. It is for the very beginning stage. Belly to Baby is a package that combines maternity and newborn session fees for only $199. Packages are additional. You can have both sessions in the location of your choice. Belly to Baby is an exceptional value.

Our maternity sessions are usually done at a location we decide together during your consultation, and our newborn sessions are always done in the parent’s home, as we prefer that the child is under 2 weeks old. There are many reasons for this, but mainly because you should not be driving. Maternity and newborn is our specialty, and what we do best. So be sure to check out our gallery on the website.

Tomorrow we will be talking about why we are different from all other photographers. So stay tuned.

“Kara’s Belly to Baby plan is one of the best, most unique and amazing maternity and newborn photography plans around!  Kara was able to capture the essence and beauty of my pregnancy and the love, excitement and pure joy my husband and I were feeling. Once Olivia arrived, Kara made it a point to come to our house (which happens to be a bit of a drive) and photograph her within the first week she was here. Kara took all our visions and ideas and captured the innocence, sweetness and tenderness of Olivia in photographs that are not only beautiful but truly, works of art.  She made it even more special by helping us add in our four- legged fur babies so we had complete ‘family’ pictures.  What makes this package so great and what makes Kara so wonderful is that she truly tailors it to your wants and desires.  She listens to what you like and continually adds special touches to each session and just when you think she couldn’t do more, she adds in special surprises for you.  We live over an hour from Kara, but I will tell you, we would drive any distance to have her photograph our family.  I continually tell Kara, she isn’t just a photographer anymore, we truly see her as part of our family.”