Early Morning – Houston TX Teen Photographer

It has been awhile since I have seen this handsome guy. He was much younger then. So when his sweet momma asked me to take a few images of him in his football gear, I jumped at the chance. Problem is, we forgot to tell him we were meeting at 7am. Opps! Sorry! He starts 10th grade this week, in … Read More

Quiet Beauty – Houston TX Tween Photographer

When your grand-daughter comes to town. And she is this beautiful. You just have to steal her away for the day and do a girl’s day. Today was awesome. The boys did whatever boys do. And Miss H and I spent the day together. Hanging out. Shopping and of course, taking a few photos. She used to live here. Close … Read More

Birthday Sessions – Houston TX Child Photographer

I have had a lot of birthday sessions lately. And can I tell you something… I love them! Getting to plan something special for a client’s child. Figuring out what they love, and making their dreams come true. All for one little ones birthday. What a special gift for them! And can you imagine what a thing for them to … Read More

From Feathers to Glitter – Houston TX Child Photographer

Oh these two! It has been awhile since I have seen them. They have grown quite a bit. Now they are heading into the tween years, which is super scary for me, I can’t imagine being their parents. I’m so excited that I got to be a very small part of their childhood. It was fun hearing what they remembered … Read More

Model in the Making – Houston TX Child Photographer

She has evidently been asking when they would be taking more pictures for awhile now. And now I see why. She is amazing at it. A little birdie told me she has aspirations to be a model. Well, no surprise! When you try really hard at something, you are going to succeed. She was very excited about this session and … Read More

Birthday Boy – Houston TX Child Photographer

It had been awhile since I have seen this family. A few years at least. But they haven’t changed at all. I love seeing all of them. They are spunky, fun and most of all…. They love taking pictures. They were one of my very first clients. Been with me since 2009. So yes, they have seen my photography grow … Read More

From wickets to nuggets – Houston TX Family Photographer

I knew this family was going to be fun. I just didn’t know how much fun. And I was glad I got to end my year with them. They decided to play a little croquet for their family session that they purchased at the Miracle Event back in October. I rarely have families play croquet, but it really worked. Especially … Read More

Kids Room Limited Edition – Houston TX Child Photographer

Limited Edition Alert! Did you spend a ton of time getting your child’s room just right? Is it a work of art? I have seen some of them, and I know they are!!! Would you just love to capture their spunky spirit in that awesome room? This is your chance! Let’s do a custom photo experience of just them having … Read More

Cloudy with a chance of love – Houston TX twin photographer

This morning was perfect! I had a little talk with God on the way there, and I asked for a little cloud cover, and man did he deliver! The session was cool, cloudy and I could not have asked for more. With 6 kids and a set of parents, you would have thought I would have had my hands full. … Read More

Sand between her toes – Spring TX Teen Photographer

Tonight, I had the pleasure of meeting this beautiful young lady down at the creek. It was amazingly gorgeous outside, as was she. She had recently turned sweet sixteen, so we needed to celebrate. I celebrated by falling into the creek. You have to admit I’m dedicated. Anything for the shot. Enjoy the sneaks Miss J. Hope you had fun … Read More