Feeling Pressures – Houston TX Newborn Photographer

Did you just have a baby? But didn’t feel like yourself after you had little bundle?   Maybe you had a C-section, the baby had feeding issues or it just took a little long than you thought to bounce back.   Or you believe that for safety sake, you don’t want to take the baby out the first month or … Read More

Miracles – Houston TX Child Photographer

After the last week, don’t we all need a miracle or two? Well, I believe in miracles. And I see them all of the time. Two years ago, Kara Powell Photography hosted a big event. It was called the Miracle Event. We showcased families that were made through love, adoption, surrogacy, IVF, and miracle. Two books have been written and … Read More

Little Gift – Houston TX Newborn Photographer

Snuggling newborns is one of my favorite things in the whole wide world. Good thing it is part of my job! Some of my clients say that I have magic tricks. I think I am just really good with babies. I’m just really patient. One of the fun things I do, is bring my clients a little gift. It’s nothing … Read More

It’s Here – Houston TX Publisher

If you missed the Texas Walk of Hope, back in April. You missed the big announcement of the 2015 Expecting a Miracle book availability. Here is the link to our Miracle Project page for you to check it out. You can now purchase your very own copy. They are $30 for hard cover books. And if I may say so, … Read More

Best of… Newborn – Houston TX Newborn Photographer

When I started this business in 2009, my focus was maternity and newborn. It wasn’t the cool thing to do, but I felt a calling to help moms capture the fleeting moments when they bring their sweet babies home in those first few weeks. It goes by so fast. The tiny toes, the soft little noises, the 2am wake up … Read More

Oops – Houston TX Newborn Photographer

Well… On Monday I posted a blog post about how far my newborn images have progressed since I started way back in 2009. You can read it here. My husband (fancy-pants marketing guy at HP) read it and wanted to critique it. He said I should have done a comparison to the images I do now. Well, now you tell … Read More

Best Post Ever – Houston TX Child Photographer

Want to know what our most popular post on our blog was? The one that made you drop everything and click that link? Let me tell you a few statistics. Only about 44 people go to our blog everyday. Are you missing my posts? Make sure to check our blog, as we post all kinds of things you may need … Read More

Flashback – Houston TX Family Photographer

Do you miss 2015? Here is a little recap of a few of our plans that we offer. Belly to Baby, Tippy toes and of course the twenty sessions we did for the Miracle Project. We posted these earlier on Instagram. If you would like to follow us, please do! I post a lot of behind the scenes stuff there.  … Read More

T Minus One Day – Houston TX Family Photography

This little guy, oh he is one of my favorites! I got to spend his day before his birthday with him. He is such a sweetheart. Mr. D was so happy to go play at the park Friday night. Even though the weather wasn’t as sunny as we would have liked. We all had a great time. Even his grandparents … Read More

Never in my wildest dreams – Houston TX Charity Photographer

Wow you guys! Well, did you have fun? I did. It was a fabulous event. So many people came and saw your beautiful images. Obviously it meant a lot to me (sorry about the crying). Thank you again for coming and bringing friends! Never in my wildest dreams did I think that so many people would attend. So I am … Read More