Centipede – Houston TX Family Photographer

On a gorgeous night, last night, Caden and I met one of my favorite little families out in Montgomery. Caden had fun making videos on my phone. While I took some amazing images of Mr. A and his parents.

He was very excited to tell me all about his bugs. I was very impressed about his knowledge about the difference centipedes and millipedes. Most boys his age do not know this much about bugs. Especially words that I didn’t even know or could pronounce. I would so impressed.

If he did well on his photo shoot, which he did. He was going to get a  new bug for his collection. A beetle! During the session, he had a centipede in his pocket the whole time. Pretty exciting! I’m glad it was him and not me!

If you are a girl mom, you just won’t understand any of this. I always had a few bugs or cars in my purse. It’s what you had to do.

We had a great time last night! And I sure hope Mr. A got a new beetle. He earned it. Enjoy the sneaks you guys. And see you soon at Santa.

Houston, TX family of three, taken by Kara Powell Photography.

Houston, TX little boy at a rustic park, taken by Kara Powell Photography.