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Every year, this little guy and I. We meet up and do an epic birthday session.

We have done cars, trains, and an airplane in the past.

This year we did construction. Every little boy goes through a construction phase, right? And man, did he know all of the names of all of the vehicles. He was so excited walking down to the field.

We did it all people!

We played in the dirt, explored the vehicles, looked at the construction stuff, read some books, pretended to build and even went in a real port a potty. What more could a future engineer ask for?

I’m pretty sure he could have stayed out there forever. Not sure if his favorite part was kicking dirt or playing with his trucks in the dirt. Either way, dirt was involved.

Once we finally got him to go home. Where did he want to go next? McDonald’s for dinner, of course. I hope he got to go. He definitely worked up a hunger.

Happy early birthday, buddy! This year’s session was amazing.

Houston, TX five year old checking out a port o potty during his birthday session, taken by Kara Powell Photography.

Houston, TX five year old playing construction, taken by Kara Powell Photography.