Feeling Pressures – Houston TX Newborn Photographer

Did you just have a baby? But didn’t feel like yourself after you had little bundle?
Maybe you had a C-section, the baby had feeding issues or it just took a little long than you thought to bounce back.
Or you believe that for safety sake, you don’t want to take the baby out the first month or two.
So when you went on the search for newborn photographers, you were surprised to find that they all suggested that you bring your sweet bundle out into the world between 7-14 days old. And therefore, you missed those precious images.
I have some news for you! Some photographers (me!) do in-home sessions that are very similar to newborn sessions at all ages. When you are feeling amazing and ready for company, give me a call and I will capture amazing images of all of you. Just this month I have done images of a one month old and a two month old.
These sessions are amazing, because an older baby can do more things like connect with his/her parents, smile, take awake images and wear those cute outfits you have.
So just know that you have many options for your newborn. Don’t feel pressured to fit the mold. Do what works best for you and your baby. Kara Powell Photography will be there to support you.
Houston TX two month old little boy taken at home, taken by Kara Powell Photography.