Gabriel – Houston TX Dog Photographer

Yesterday I dropped by and spent just a few moments with the sweetest doggy.

His name is Gabriel.

He was a stray who started his journey pretty rough. His owners saw him get ran over by a truck which kept driving, but he was still alive, with a crushed pelvis. But they rushed him to Texas A&M where they “re-built” him. After surgical insertion of pelvic implants and over a month of physical therapy, Gabriel was walking again. They had planned on finding him a home after that, but when it was time for him to be released, he came home with his new owners.

He is now 15ish and the sweetest guy you will ever meet.

Gabriel was named after the angel Gabriel! His name literally means, “God is my strength.”

His owners highly suggest rescue dogs. And I do too! Who rescued who?

Gabriel was perfection.