Why – Houston TX Beach Photographer

Many of my clients want to know why they should drive all the way down to Galveston?

And I honestly, when I’m sitting in traffic getting there, I could almost agree.

But once I’m sitting on the beach, with my toes in the sand. I forget all about everything else.

Here are some of my favorite reasons to do photos on the beach.

  • Fun, fun, fun! Kids don’t even realize they are taking photos.
  • Beautiful scenary
  • Gorgeous sunsets usually
  • Lots and lots of room. So there is always a place to go for every look you are going for.
  • Vacation spot, so I can meet you down there one night of your trip.
  • Or you can make a weekend or at least a day trip out of it! Hint, hint!

Now for some tips!

  • Glasses – it’s your choice to wear them or not, but they can create a distracting glare. And NO sunglasses.
  • Wear Visine if your eyes are sensitive to avoid red eyes
  • Bring along a lipstick to refresh during your shoot, but AVOID lipgloss because your hair will stick to it
  • Don’t cake on a lot of makeup, even if you have blemishes. I can fix just about anything in post-production. Subtle makeup is best. Go for a natural, sun-kissed look
  • Men, please don’t rake a razor across your face before your shoot. Take your time and moisturize to avoid red bumps.
  • Don’t spend hours on your hair. Remember the beach is windy. So braids and hair clips are necessary. Or just let it fly natural.
  • Kids don’t need beach toys. Just being at the beach is usually enough. We do a lot of running and exploring.

So whether you are getting ready for your annual beach portraits with us or someone else, remember to just have fun. It will show in your images. Run, jump, play, explore, etc. The kids will get into it and the images will be amazing.

We hope to see you soon.