KP Fusion Video – Houston TX Photographer

I have had some questions about what is a KP Fusion video.

A little over a year ago, we started offering video. Now this is a little different from our preview videos when you view your galleries (a few of your images set to music). A KP Fusion video is the combination of small snippets of video from your session and your gorgeous final portraits set to music. We have also done them with voice over of the parent’s talking.

This year we began including a KP Fusion video with every premium session. This means that Jenna comes along on your session with her fun little machine that the kids love. And she follows them around.

It is super fun. And it is a great way to capture things like toddlers learning how to walk, kids playing and laughing, and families interacting. I have certain families that will NOT do a session if they can not get the video. It is a great way to see your kids growing up over time. Grandparents love them, you will cherish them. And don’t even get me started about how much the kids love seeing themselves on video. They eat it up!

So are you ready to see a few of these KP Fusion videos? They are pretty fun. And just imagine if you were in them? I can’t wait to plan yours!

B family fall session

H and D engagement session

Twins turn one

Houston, TX eight month old with his parents, taken by Kara Powell Photography.