Miracle Project

If you would like to purchase a copy of the 2015 magazine, you can purchase it here.

If you would like to purchase a copy of the 2015 book, you can purchase it here.

We decided at the beginning of 2015 to do another Miracle Project. This time 20 families participated. We held a Gallery event on October 3rd, 2015 to reveal the images and stories of the families who joined the Miracle Project.

The Miracle Gallery was held at The Woodlands United Methodist Church. It was such an amazing event! We had close to 100 people show. If you would like to see a recap, you can go here.

Our Silent Auction that benefited RESOLVE raised $1300! Not too shabby.

The 2015 Miracle Families: Click an image to view their slideshow.

Bailie-20_1 Brehan-54_1 Chandler-45_1 Clary-47_1 Coffman-43_1 Eppes-37_1 Farrismiraclenseaks-6_1 Flores-20_1 Huval-54_1 JFloresmiraclesneak-4_1 Karko-58_1 Laird-34_1 Lara-6_1 Ledet-45_1 Martinez-31_1 McIntosh-46_1 Minglana-42_1 Ortiz-15_1 Owenby-38_1 Wallacemiraclesneak-5_1

In January of 2012, I posted a call on my website for families willing to share their infertility journey. I chose 15 families and they received a complimentary family session. From each session, I chose a few images to showcase in the book published in August of that year. Each family had a 2 page spread with their photo and a little story about them.

The book is now available! To purchase a copy, click here. Thank you so much to the families who were involved in the making of this book!

The Original Miracle Families: Click an image to view their slideshow or blog post.

Adler-1-2 Butler-1 Freeman-49 Hartsfield-3 copy Jasek-4 Larson-7 Olsen-1 Rookstool-4 Schleicher-3 Schweitzer-3 Shivers-1 Thompson-2 Tims-30 Wilshusen-1