Mom’s Club

Welcome to the “Mom’s Club”!

The Mom’s Club is for our frequent flyer mommas, or any client who would like to join. There is a yearly (12 months) $25 membership fee.  Each month you will be invited to monthly deals on your favorite products at KP Photo.

Examples of monthly deals are: 50% off all prints, $20 off of Favorite Albums, and 20% off of Canvas’.

The $25 membership fee will easily be recouped within just a few weeks of joining.  If you would like to join, let us know and we will get you on your way to savings!

The KP Mom’s club will be THE place to be, as you will get the first notice when Limited Edition sessions are announced, sales come out and I need opinions on things. What could be better?

Ready to join? Click here to sign up.

Already a member? Click here to access the VIP lounge.