Personalities Galore – Houston TX Extended Family Photographer

Last night during Homecoming, evidently. I met all of these cousins and their parents out at a local park.

Who was to know that it was Homecoming weekend. Since I don’t have a high schooler, I don’t keep up with these kinds of things. But wow! There were so many of them!

But we managed to make it through.

These kiddos were troopers, as once a year we meet and do a big portrait session with all of their families. It is usually fun, crazy and lots of laughs. They are all getting so big.

I think it may have been a little sensory overload with all of the limos, families, homecoming girls, etc. Lesson learned on that one.

But we still managed to get all of the images taken and have a great time.

This image cracked me up. It showed what I think their personalities are and what I think they feel about taking pictures. The two on the end have had it with me, the one in the middle loves it and the two older boys know that if they give me the fake smile it will go much faster. I love it.

So enjoy seeing you each and every year! Enjoy the sneak!