Royal Photos – Houston TX Photographer

As most of the world has seen, Prince Louis’ Christening happened recently! And the photos the family released were gorgeous! Some of them were the most Lifestyle type images we have ever seen coming from the royals. If you missed them, check them out here (specifically the first 2 images in the article). Princess Kate and Louis were photographed in  a casual style just like our clients! They might be more dressed up, but you can really see the connection between them and the joy the family is feeling.

So we thought we would do a little comparison, just to show that while fancy christening photos are beautiful, you can be like royalty in a more relaxed photo shoot too! The connection and emotion in the pictures is what really makes them stand out.  The “Lifestyle” style of photography has really grown during the past few years. It captures people in real life situations, events and milestones and tells the story of the people within the photo.

We always find that our favorite images are the less posed, more lifestyle ones. We love seeing the connection between families! Clearly the younger generation of Royals also find this kind of photography attractive.  Hopefully seeing such beautiful images from influential figures will encourage more people to give lifestyle photography a shot!

Are you ready for your lifestyle session? Give us a call or email us. We would be happy to set up a session for you, so that you have beautiful images of your family, just like the Royal family.