Santa 2017 – Houston TX Photographer

My favorite time of the year!

The Christmas trees are starting to come out, people are thinking of others, vacations are around the corner. The holidays are upon us!

And that is definitely true at the studio. Because Santa is about to be in the House! He is scheduled for November and December this year.

Want to know why our sessions are different than the mall Santa or other photographers? Here’s why.

Did you get your appointment?

Yes, we have appointments. And not many. This allows for your children to have plenty of time to get used Santa and the environment. Call today! Reservation fee is the smallest package.

Check out our comparison.

Mall Santa                                                             KP Photo Santa

  • Wait in line for an hour ++                              – Have an appointment, walk right in and hang out.
  • Kids crying                                                          – Relaxed atmosphere – we cater to you!
  • 1 photo, 1 try                                                       – Up to 20 images, multiple tries (or we ask Santa to step out)
  • Creepy and unknown                                        – Friendly staff, you know us
  • Studio setting in loud mall                             – Quiet, home setting decorated for holidays and an outdoor setting
  • Unedited snapshot                                            – Edited fine art portraits (and this year a video is included)
  • No gift options                                                   – Tons of specialty gift items available
  • Trained Santa? Who knows                           – Santa Todd is a retired school teacher has been our Santa for 6 yrs
  • In and out – not personal                               – We send out custom letters to each child from Santa to your home

If you would like to see more images from our Santa sessions in the years past, click here.

Example images

Example video

So what do you think? Are you ready to put your children at ease and take some amazing Santa images this year? Let’s sign you up. Packages start at $250.

Houston, TX santa mini session, taken by Kara Powell Photography.