Smiles Galore – Houston TX Child Photographer

Oh how I adore the 6-8 month stage. I wish I could bottle it up. Or make all kids stay that age. They are all so simple and easy to make happy.

They like to bounce. And sit up. And chew on things. Peek a boo is a great game.

And this beautiful young lady was no different. She was napping when I arrived, but once she popped in, she was a dream. Happy and all smiles. I could have just put her in my bag and taken her home! So fun.

Miss A, I can not wait to see you all year long. I’m so glad mommy called and joined our Tippy Toes plan.

We took some outside, inside and even got to play in her sister’s ball pit. (I know right?) I want a ball pit.

All in all, I think her parent’s will have a TON to choose from. Her sweet sister even let us take some with her at the end. Success!!

I can’t wait to see her in a few months for her big one year birthday.

Houston, TX 8 month old sitting pretty outside in her chair, taken by Kara Powell Photography.

Houston, TX 8 month old sitting next to her two year old sister, taken by Kara Powell Photography.