So Hot – Houston TX Zoo

When I have the pleasure of doing a session down at the Houston zoo I try to take my little guy. He loves the zoo and all of the animals. Especially the reptiles.

Last week I did this and we went in the zoo at 10am. We didn’t make it 30 minutes. For those of you that aren’t in Texas. Keep in mind, it is June. So it is often over 100 degrees by 10am. Just like it was on this day.

There were so many people at the zoo. And it was so hot by the time we actually got in. After only 30 minutes, that was it. Time to go.

But we did get to see his favorite part. The reptiles.

Just a few of our favorite images from the day. A few snakes and frogs.

Summer is a great time to get out and see things from a kid’s point of view. We have been in Reptile and Amphibian house a ton of times, but this time they seemed to be super photogenic.

Enjoy you guys!

Houston TX zoo tiny yellow poison dart frog, taken by Kara Powell Photography.

Houston TX zoo two snakes, taken by Kara Powell Photography.

Houston TX zoo green viper, taken by Kara Powell Photography.