Smiles Galore – Houston TX Child Photographer

Oh how I adore the 6-8 month stage. I wish I could bottle it up. Or make all kids stay that age. They are all so simple and easy to make happy. They like to bounce. And sit up. And chew on things. Peek a boo is a great game. And this beautiful young lady was no different. She was … Read More

Holiday Cake Smash – Houston TX Family Photographer

And then she was one. You may remember this sweet little one from her 6month session or her newborn session. She has two older siblings, who are just as cute. Miss A is turning one soon. So we needed to do her cake smash, just like her siblings have done before her. And man was it epic. We also managed … Read More

Tutu Fast – Houston TX Sitter Session

She was my first newborn of the year. And tears… Look at her. Sitting up all on her own, such a big girl! With Miss A being the little sister of two older siblings, she is going to need to grow up fast. And I think she is doing that, even though her mama and I are not too happy … Read More

Sand in all the right places – Houston TX Beach Photographer

When your kids are this cute? There is a great chance that your photographer (me), will try to steal one or two of them. And yes, I did. Twice, I think. Sorry! (Not sorry). This family, you may recognize from their maternity, newborn or six month session with us. I do love seeing them. Mr. G and Miss C are … Read More

Miracle Mia turns 1 – Houston TX Child Photographer

She is actually not one yet. She turns one tomorrow. So last night she got to taste cake for the first time! And this little one has had a heck of a year. They told her she wouldn’t live. But look at her now! Miracle Mia has proved them wrong and she is doing fantastic! We had a great time … Read More

Doe a Deer – Houston TX Child Photographer

This sweet pea. It has been about 3 months since I have seen her and my has she found a few more tricks and grown a little bit. I was so excited to see her for her 6 month session. She is a part of Tippy Toes and is growing up way too fast. Now half way to one, her … Read More

Rosy Cheeks – Houston TX Child Photographer

Last night I caught up with one of my newborn clients. Although she isn’t a newborn anymore. She is almost 7 months now and all kinds of fun! It was a perfect night to play in the sun and spend a little quality time with her mama. I can not believe time has passed so quickly. I’m sure it has … Read More

Why Tippy Toes – Houston TX Baby Photographer

I have a lot of newborn parents ask me why they should spend the money on a baby plan. Oh I could talk about it for days! But let me just show you three images instead. You might remember Mr. A from a few days ago. He just turned one and graduated from my Tippy Toes baby plan. He was … Read More

Wake up call – Houston TX Family Photographer

Yesterday, I got up at 5am to drive to the Medical Center to meet this very sweet little family. A little sleepy when I got there, but I perked up when I saw how cute they were! They are a part of the Miracle Project and I am so glad I did. They were so gracious and we had such … Read More

Answered Prayers – Houston TX Infertility Photographer

I drove out to Pearland to meet a fabulous family last night. They are a part of the Miracle Project due out in September. It was fabulous to meet them and get to hear there story in person. Getting to put a face to their story was amazing. Reading the stories is one thing. But hearing the detail and the … Read More