Choo Choo goodness – Woodlands TX Child Photographer

Moving to a new town is hard. Especially moving from Austin! Can you imagine? But they couldn’t have picked a better city to move to. We have choo choos in our back yard! Mr. W had a great time this morning showing me around the depot. We even got to see a real train go by. What could be better? … Read More

VIPS, here comes goodness – Woodlands TX photographer

So every year I do something special for my top tier of clients, my VIPs. And the time of year has come to reward those loyal clients. These VIP clients might be the ones that refer me to all kinds of friends, they might have come to see me several times, might be Tippy Toes planners, or they could have … Read More

Itchy, but oh so Fabulous – Huntsville Children’s Photographer

Yesterday afternoon, I made the journey out to Huntsville. Oh my gosh, was it beautiful! Fields of blond grass and ponds everywhere. And definitly a perfect day for family photos. Couldn’t have requested better weather or scenary. I will have to take my son out there to torture (I mean take) portraits of him! Abandoned gas stations, hay bales, ponds, … Read More

Sugar and Spice – Woodlands TX Childrens Photographer

Isn’t it great when friends talk and share? This happens a lot when people find things they like. For example, a client of mine loved their photos. So they told some of their friends and then they called me! We have a great referal program, which they are all benefiting from now. That is how I met this fabulous family. … Read More

Talents Abound – Woodlands TX Childrens Photographer

I love getting to know my neighbors better. So when I get invited into their home, to photograph their children, it is a privledge that I don’t take lightly. So today, I had a fabulous time with two of my neighbors. They put up with me at the beginning (doing the boring shots). And then we had fun at the … Read More

Little Red Noses – Spring, TX Children’s Photographer

This morning in the 50 degree weather I met a wonderful family at Old Towne. A perfect location for holiday portraits, except for the fact that is was really, really cold! But the kiddos didn’t mind as they were running like crazy and having a blast exploring all of the cool things. We had fun doing the hokey pokey, looking … Read More

Until Next Year Santa – Woodlands TX Santa Photographer

We had sober and silly, cautious and crazy. Clarece and Abby the dog, grandkids and grandparents. But the best part of all, was to see all of them warm up to a jolly old man in a red suit. Again, not one incident of crying! (Score one for me!) Managed to get some amazing photos, even with the super cautious … Read More

1+1=Buckets of Fun – Spring TX Twins Photographer

It all started with a stranger reaching into the car to take one of the twins out of the carseat. Then we headed to a stranger (Santa) for some ho, ho, hos. Then we headed upstairs for photos for their 1st year portraits. It was an Amazing and treacherous journey. But through it all, we had fun and got some … Read More

Smarties do the Trick – Cypress Tx Children’s Photographer

This morning I met with the E sisters again. Gosh, when their grandma said they could be my next cover models, she was not lying! So cute! Now it did take awhile to “talk” Ms. E into taking some portraits with her sister, but God Bless whom ever invented Smarties! We managed to capture a few good ones. And I … Read More