Just Let Her Dance – Conroe TX Child Photographer

Miss N comes in quite often, so you might recognize her. I just love her eyes. But today we found out something new! She loves to dance. Put on some music and she will boogie down. Too funny. And don’t even think about taking away the phone, no way! But we managed to get some with and without the dancing … Read More

Flower Power – Conroe TX Toddler Photographer

Around lunch time today, Miss N came by to visit. She is always a little piece of sunshine. And after her nap from Conroe to the Woodlands, she was ready for her time in the spotlight. We had a great time playing with the flowers, spending some time with her favorite stuffed animal Curious George (which she really loves) and … Read More

Future Photographer – Conroe TX Child Photographer

Miss N you have seen before on the blog. She is beautiful and has grown a lot since I have seen her last (which was 7 days old). Want to see that session? Click here. But today, she started Tippy Toes. I’m so excited to get to see her for the next year! She is 3 months now, so you … Read More