Two for One – Houston TX Twin Photographer

Man, has it been a year already? These sweet girls went from a bump to this! And we had captured every month along the way. I have so enjoyed seeing them and getting to know them and their parents. Today we celebrated with regular picts, family outdoor images and of course a cake smash. (Want to see an out-take, check … Read More

Happy 4th of July – Houston TX Toddler Photographer

Happy late 4th! We are busy celebrating with family, but will be back on Monday to work the week away. Until then, enjoy this cutie in her 4th attire. She learned a new trick! And is way too cute for her own good. I could have eaten her! Enjoy!

Stormy Seas – Conroe TX Family Photographer

Honestly, when I hear that there are storms out in the gulf and I have sessions that weekend, I get giddy! I love the sunsets that they produce. So when I have clients that are willing to stick it out with me, they end up with fantastic images. These long time clients really got a show. We re-enacted some images … Read More

Love You More – Conroe TX Newborn Photographer

Their home had some many cute sayings sitting around. One was a sign saying love you more. And I’m not sure who it was to or for, but it could stand for the whole family. I think they both love this little girl more than she will ever know. How sweet Miss E is and tiny. She will never be … Read More

Mama Did the Trick – Baytown Child Photographer

So many to choose from, from this session. My happy little model did ration out the smiles towards the end, but usually mama could squeeze out a few more. However, I just love a few of the serious ones. She did fabulous as usual. Just love when Miss O comes to visit. She has been coming to me since she … Read More

Strawberry Shortcake – Kingwood TX Baby Photographer

Sweet Miss S. She really hung in there in a really tough session for me. I was having a really hard day and I will admit that. Her parents were really patient with me. Fabulous in fact. Dealing with moving boxes, temporary backdrops and even a rogoue cat that peed on two of Miss S’s outfits! Can you imagine!? I … Read More

Birthday Limited Editions

Birthday Limited Editions are happening this weekend for kids with birthdays between now and December! This is the perfect time to get some clean classic photos of your kids, but it is also a fun time for some cake smashing pictures too. These are 20 minute sessions with a $50 reservation fee. Sessions will take place at the studio June … Read More

Has it really been a year – Conroe TX Child Photographer

Do you remember this session? It was her first debut, yet she wasn’t even here yet. Then she arrived and we had the gorgeous newborn session that has in turn inspired so many parents to book their newborn sessions. And then since then… 3 month, 6 month, 9 month and now she is officially a one year old. I can … Read More

Just Let Her Dance – Conroe TX Child Photographer

Miss N comes in quite often, so you might recognize her. I just love her eyes. But today we found out something new! She loves to dance. Put on some music and she will boogie down. Too funny. And don’t even think about taking away the phone, no way! But we managed to get some with and without the dancing … Read More

On Your Tippy Toes – Baby’s First Year Photographer

The first year of a baby’s life is so fleeting. I remember thinking that this first few weeks were just dragging along of Caden’s life. And then all of a sudden he was 2 months old. I have no idea where those two months went. I have no photos. No recolection of what happened. Wow! Then he was 6 months, … Read More