Free and Easy – Houston TX Beach Photographer

Last year we met this sweet family at the beach, just days before Harvey. It gave them amazing sunsets but who would have known what was coming. This year was much more calm. We just played on the beach with no worries of storms coming. This sweet little one is starting first grade this year. I can not even believe … Read More

Splish Splash – Houston TX Beach Photographer

Last night Jenna and I buzzed down to the beach to meet a fabulous family. I know them through church and I just love them! So I was super excited to finally get to see them outside of church. They did amazing! We had fabulous weather to run, splash and just enjoy what God gave us. It was really hard … Read More

Sandy toes here we come – Houston TX Beach Photographer

Kara Powell Photography offers gorgeous beach portraits during the summer. We would love to see you and your family out on the beach. This year we have full premium sessions for $150 session fee and packages start at $250. All sessions are at sunset. I would love to see you all there. Galveston is gorgeous right now. I have been … Read More

Beach Sessions – Houston TX Beach Photographer

With only 15 days left of school. I’m dreaming of the summer. Long days with nothing to do. Sand in our toes. Running on the beach. Lots of giggles and kids falling asleep in the back of the car. Yep. I can’t wait to capture it all. Can you? Beach sessions are where your family can be themselves. So let … Read More

Kinder Here She Comes – Houston TX Child Photographer

I have been photographing this sweet thing for over 5 years. And every year we go to the beach. She and her family love it there. Miss H is a naturally happy little one, but at the beach, she becomes this gorgeous breath of fresh air. She runs, jumps, plays and always has each and every year. I know that … Read More

Why – Houston TX Beach Photographer

Many of my clients want to know why they should drive all the way down to Galveston? And I honestly, when I’m sitting in traffic getting there, I could almost agree. But once I’m sitting on the beach, with my toes in the sand. I forget all about everything else. Here are some of my favorite reasons to do photos … Read More

Favorite Beach Images – Houston TX Beach Photographer

After being in business for almost eight years, I have many clients. And I have been going to Galveston for a long time. Trying to pick my very favorite image at the beach would be too hard. But I can share some of our recent favorite images. It really is amazing how much the beach varies each and every time … Read More

Last Call for the Sea – Houston TX Beach Photographer

Summer is here! And if you are heading to the beach, let us tag along! We would love to join you and capture the joy of the sand, sea and surf. This year we are including a KP Fusion video with each and every mini session. We have a few spots left for August. So give me a call if … Read More

Sandy Toes – Houston TX Beach Photographer

Summer is almost here. And with summer, means the sandy toes! When it’s hot, I like to go to the beach. And Galveston is gorgeous this time of the year. So we have a perfect idea! Take a little road trip down to the beach and I will meet you there. Then the kids can play and I will do … Read More

F is for Fog – Houston TX Beach Photographer

If you are following along. You may remember that Mr. G had two sessions for his 5th birthday. His mom’s was an urban session. Which we previewed on Monday. And today we are sneaking his session. He wanted to go play at the beach. Unfortunately, it was super foggy that day. But this didn’t stop G. He was ready to … Read More