Tough Little Birdie – Tomball TX Newborn Photographer

You all know that newborns are my all time favorite! The unpredictability is awesome. Mom’s hate it, but all you really have to do is wait them out. Eventually they will poop out and give in. Just as this little birdie did. She wasn’t too sure about me being there and throwing off her sleep schedule or taking photos. So … Read More

A Small Glimpse of Hope – Woodlands TX Newborn Photographer

This afternoon, I had the pleasure of meeting a tiny little girl and her parents. She was just beautiful. I called this post a small glimpse of hope, because she arrived after a short rain storm. Maybe we will have more rain! And I always say that newborn portraits have to be taken before 14days old. Miss H is almost … Read More

June Kute Photo of the Month

This family was so hoping for a girl! They painted their nursery pink before Miss S was born in the hope that she would be a girl.  Lucky for them, she was! This little girl’s nickname is strawberry, because she smells like them.  Her dad makes up poems about her with her special nickname.  Her two wonderful brothers were at … Read More

Strawberry Surprise – Woodlands TX Newborn Photographer

This afternoon, I had the pleasure of photographing a family that won my Mom’s expo complimentary session a while back. Miss K had arranged to have me photograph her newborn. She wasn’t sure what baby #3 was going to be. But after two boys, Miss S arrived! And she was well worth it! Smelling like strawberries and content as a … Read More

Kute Photo of May – Houston TX Newborn Photographer

Every month, this sneaks up on me. I always try to plan ahead, but it never fails! So this month, I looked at the calendar and low and behold today is June 1st! Darn it! Looking back over May, it was a hard decision. There were quite a few beautiful newborns and a bunch a really cute babies and kids. … Read More

Nothing to Wine About – Houston TX Newborn Photographer

You might recognize this couple from a month or so ago. They were on the blog for their maternity session. They had such a great time giggling and laughing. And today I had the pleasure of being in their home. I love seeing how two people will change when a new member is introduced into the mix. And this couple … Read More

Tri-athalon Girl Already – Houston TX Newborn Photographer

Meeting new people and hearing their stories is one of my favorite parts of this job. Hearing where they met, why they do what they do and of course their baby story. But Miss B has a fun story for her baby book. She actually did her first tri-athalon at 8 weeks gestation! Pretty impressive. I can’t walk across the … Read More

Super Mom, times 5 – Summerwood, TX Newborn Photographer

I know I meet great moms everyday. Some are quiet wonders. Some are obvious sorts. Some can do it with an only child, others can manage an army. But honestly I don’t know how they do it. I know they have the “mother” gene, that much is obvious. But there has to be something more. Today, there was something more. … Read More