Flying into One – Houston TX Child Photographer

You may remember this sweet little one from her 6 month session. I had a lot of comments from the image of her in front of her airplane. And as time does.. It has flown by. And now she is one. It is really hard to believe. It feels like yesterday that I was taking her newborn portraits. And last … Read More

Speed Racer – Houston TX Child Photographer

You may remember this sweet boy. We do his birthday session every year. Want to see last year with the airplane? And every year I tell his parents. “How are we going to top this?” Well, I really don’t know how we are going to top getting to play in over 15 McLaren cars. They were beautiful and we wanted … Read More

Future MLB Player – Houston TX Child Photographer

Someone was so, so excited. He was in his element. This one, LOVES baseball. If he isn’t playing he is practicing. Even tonight. We finished our photo shoot and he was on his way to a scrimmage. Daddy said do not be late. Mr. G is about to turn 6. This is his annual birthday session. Every year I look … Read More

Welcome Santa – Houston TX Santa Photographer

Today was the first day of Quiet Time of Santa 2017. I love the holidays and our Santa sessions are part of it. Today we had a great day of fabulous families and lots of kids who were super excited to see Santa. They were ready to tell Santa Todd all about what they want for Christmas. Some went outside, … Read More

Not Fall – Houston TX Family Photographer

Oh these three! They keep me on my toes. I got to see them this past weekend at a brand new location and I’m pretty sure they liked it. They ran and ran and ran. Wow! Those beautiful new outfits were not so nicely pressed after they ran a million miles in them. And of course laid in the grass. … Read More

Kiss Spin – Houston TX Child Photographer

Last night in the gorgeous weather, I met up with a fabulous mother/daughter duo for their Mommy and me session. They are new clients, so I was very excited to meet them. Miss A is a good friend of another client you saw last week. They are BFFs, as I was told last night. 🙂 Anywho… Miss A was all … Read More

Lucky 7 Event – Houston TX Child Photographer

After 7 years in business, we are celebrating and need your help! On June 11th we will be photographing 7 kids in 70 minutes (yes, I’m crazy!). All of this will be broadcast on Facebook Live. Who will be the Lucky 7? That is up to you? Send in a photo of your child to enter to win a spot. … Read More

Best of… Kids – Houston TX Child Photographer

Over the years, I have seen a lot of babies grow up. They usually come to me for their newborn session and then they seem to gain a personality that is all their own over time. I love seeing how they change little by little every year. Of course they grow a few inches, start talking, maybe lose a tooth. … Read More

Color vs Black & White

When you purchase one of our Premium CD’s you will get a 3 folders of images.  The first folder is High Resolution Color images, the second is High Resolution Black and White images, and the third is Low Resolution watermarked images for the Web.  We want you to have the option to use your images in black and white, or … Read More

Future Captain – Houston TX Child Photographer

Every year I think we won’t be able to top his last birthday session. But every year we manage to do it. And this year, there was no question. In a few weeks, he will have his birthday party at the Antique Firehouse, so his sweet mama wanted to images to go out for his invites. Luckily they have really … Read More