Night, Night – Houston TX Family Photographer

Last night, I met one of my belly to baby planners out at East Shore for a short little mini. Yet, they aren’t in the plan anymore. Now Mr. C is now three months old. He is getting so big and things like this make me so happy and so sad all the same. All of my baby’s are growing … Read More

Top Gun at 2 – Kingwood TX Child Photographer

Somethings you just can’t dream up. Shooting at an airport, well it was an awesome day at work, I just have to say! And this handsome young man just made my day! I have called him my boyfriend every since he was born. Now look at my hunk! He is about to turn 2 and I can’t believe it. He … Read More

One Fish, Quiet Fish – Kingwood TX Child Photographer

Oh, thank you for all of your positive vibes this morning! They really helped! We, I mean Mr. G, did so well! We managed 30 minutes in the library, before I got nervous and we left. More than enough time to get 2 outfits and a lot of really cute shots. Just wanted to post a few for those that … Read More

December Kute Photo – Family Photographer Kingwood TX

Every month we feature a kute photo of the month. So who snuck in at the very end of the year? It was B family. This mama and daddy I just adore and we have been seeing them since Mr. G was in her belly. I so look forward to them coming every three months or so. Mr. G is … Read More

Up for an Adventure – Kingwood TX Family Photographer

Oh, Mr. G. Don’t tell mommy, but I have a crush on you! I think you may have had a little bit of fun tonight in the outdoor adventure we had planned for you. Even ate a little too much cookie! But no one would have known. Happy as a little clam. Just wish you were 35 years older. 🙂 … Read More

Too Hot for the Fire Department – Kingwood TX Senior Photographer

Tonight, after the weekend full of rain, we had a beautiful evening session. It helps with your client is drop dead gorgeous! People just volunteer props. Like fire trucks! Yippee! So we had a great time playing, posing and of course taking a lot of beautiful images. We even took a group shot with the whole Spring Fire Department. Add … Read More

Four Times the Joy – Kingwood TX Child Photographer

Awhile ago, I donated a session to Help Lauren Learn. I happen to know Lauren and her amazing family. I used to work with her dad and he is a fabulous man who absolutely loves his kids. One of which is Lauren who is deaf and blind. Can you imagine? I can’t, especially if it was one of my children. … Read More