Last Cold Morning – Woodlands TX Family Photographer

You know how it has been unusually warm lately? Well, not this morning! I had a family session at 7:30am at it was 55 degrees. Brr.. So we braved the cold temperatures and all pretended that we were models. Looking like we were warm, yet freezing to death. 🙂 Hard to do when you are 2 though. It finally warmed … Read More

Online Booking Site

We are excited to announce that we are now offering Online Booking!  You can still book by calling or emailing, but this option is another great way for you to book whenever you want.  Once you book your session we will be sent a notification and we will contact you to talk about locations. There are lots of types of … Read More

Too cool for the city – Woodlands TX Family Photographer

I forgot to blog this session from last week. It was one of those mommy moments I guess. Because I had so much fun at this session, and to tell you the truth, I was dreading it. For all of you photographers out there, we were to shoot at the Waterway on Saturday night at 6pm. Can you imagine the … Read More

Where is that train? – Woodlands TX Family Photographer

Miss C was my helper. She was so excited about the possibility of going to the railroad tracks. We took all kinds of photos and then asked her if she wanted to head over. And her answer of a very excited Yes! So when we got there, she was my helper with watching for the train. And she was great … Read More

Be Prepared for Danger – Woodlands TX Family Photographer

Yep, when you sign up for a session with me, always be prepared for anything. Especially danger! When you are looking for wildflowers at the very end of the season, there aren’t many options, so you have to take what you can get. So sometimes it involves some danger. And today it did. We had to scale fences, trek across … Read More

Girl’s Just Want to Have Fun – Humble TX Family Photographer

Yes, we shot at a carnival last night for this sweet family session. Oh, I so wish I could show you all the fun we had on the Ferris wheel, merry go round and midway. But alas, I can not. This family is in the middle of adopting the cutest little guy ever. So no posting photos of him. But … Read More

Shivery Good Time – Woodlands TX Family Photographer

The cold front is moving in and I was out in it tonight. And unfortunately, so was this beautiful family that I have know for quite awhile. They bravely wanted to check out one of my new locations,  although when we decided this, it was way warmer. Oh well. It all goes for a beautiful image, right? And the kiddos … Read More

Fly Away – Woodlands TX Family Photographer

Yep, the day was perfect. I almost canceled on them this morning, as it was raining cats and dogs. But I’m so glad I didn’t. As this evening, it was perfect. Great light, a little chilly, but hey, it is January. We had a great time on the train and I think Mr. J really enjoyed himself, as he really … Read More

Let’s Explore – Woodlands TX Family Photographer

Tonight, I got to explore a city I have shot in many times. but I saw a new side of it with Mr. N. He is a fantastic age. Ready to do anything! So we started at one location, which was great. He helped me with posing, areas to take the images, etc. Then he wanted to switch locations. No … Read More

Beauty Runs Deep – Woodlands TX Family Photographer

Yes, I photograph a lot of families. Some more beautiful than others. But tonight, the beauty ran deep. I had beautiful girls and mama everywhere! I totally lucked out. I so enjoyed hanging out with this family. Shooting a family with older kids is a pleasure. They actually listen and follow directions. 🙂 So we explored the new fountain shop … Read More