Tutus a Plenty – Woodlands TX Family Photographer

Yesterday I met a fantastic family over at the soggy park. We had a freak rain storm that dropped 5inches on Monday, so everything was very wet. But we pushed ahead, mud and all. This cute little family has three, count them three beautiful little girls! So it was a pleasure to talk girl stuff for a bit and get … Read More

No Map Needed – Woodlands TX Family Photographer

A long time back, Mrs. K called me and wanted to set up a session for her mother for Christmas. No problem! This is what I love to do. Then she started to tell me about her family and why she wanted to do this. It had been over 20 years since their last family portraits. The last of which … Read More

Great Big Family Love – Magnolia TX Family Photographer

I have a client who is a relator and she purchases her clients sessions for gifts when they buy a new home. This way when they move in and get settled, they can have all of their family over to do a new family portrait for their home. I LOVE this idea! One of these families called me awhile back … Read More

Duck, Duck, Spin – Woodlands TX Family Photographer

There is a chill in the air. Yes, I finally think it feels like the holidays! So what better than to do a holiday family session! And I can not think of a better family to do it with. There were new clients, but I felt like I had known Ms. S forever. And her girls! Oh, to die for! … Read More

Morning Playdate in the Park – Woodlands TX Family Photographer

This morning I met one of my favorite families in the park for some early morning portraits. We had anticipated cool weather, but we were greeted with 73 degree weather. Bummer. But we made due with what we had and still had a fabulous time. They wanted their session to look like a play date in the park, and that … Read More

Holidays are Here! – Houston TX Holiday Photographer

Yes, the holidays are upon us. Christmas trees are popping up in stores and someone told me we are under 12 weeks away. So let’s get excited! I have only 2 full sessions left in Oct and 3 sessions left in November. So if you would like make sure that your holiday portraits stand out from the crowd this year, … Read More

Sweet Tea, Family Style – Woodlands TX Family Photographer

Last night, I drove out and did a quick family session with one of my family families. I met the girls recently at the couch mini session and they made a lasting impression on me. Miss B is so sweet and she just loving jumping on my couch. Her mom sent back some compliments from her that were to die … Read More

Traveling couch sessions!

If you have been watching out for information about the couch sessions, the couch has chosen its locations!  These locations are super secret so once you book your session you will get more detailed information on how to meet our fabulous couch.  On July 28th we will be in Magnolia at the following locations: old abandoned gas station (10:00) a … Read More

Family Fun – Conroe TX Family Photographer

One of my favorite families! Now I met a lot more of them! Mom, dad, both brothers and their families. It was fabulous. I love doing extended family sessions. It is so wonderful to see large families together having fun and getting to document that special time. So I got to hang out with these guys for a bit, play … Read More

And the winners are… – Woodlands TX Photographer

Just realized that I never told you guys who won! I sent an email out to the winners, but didn’t let everyone else know. Hee hee. The winners from the Woodlands Mom Expo from last weekend are: Terra M. Rajitha J. Kiya W. Cher L Congrats ladies! I look forward to meeting your families and you!