Fluffy Love – Woodlands Child Photographer

Saturday I had two Love mini sessions in the studio. The first was Miss H. She brought in Fluffy. Fluffy is her favorite little dog and her love for this doggy sure did show. We had a great time . Here are a few of my favorites. Thanks for coming in! [smooth=id:27 width:700; height: 700]

For the Love of Trains – Spring Child Photographer

The second mini on Saturday was Mr. T. He, like many boys his age, loves trains. But mostly Thomas. He has the videos, pillows, bed spread, books, small ones, medium ones and large ones. So what better to take his portrait with? The trains. Look how cute he is! Thanks for coming in you guys! [smooth=id: 26; width:700; height: 700]

A Room to Grow in – Woodlands TX Baby Photographer

Starting today, we are starting a brand new contest! Since KP Photography specializes in maternity and newborn, what better than to do a nursery showcase once a month? I have been in so many beautiful nurseries lately. Lovingly put together by my clients. I want to show them off! So once a month, on the 25th, I will pick a … Read More

Love is in the Air – Woodlands TX Love Photographer

Hard to believe that January is almost over and we are heading into February! So let’s get the month started with a mini session about LOVE! We all have something we love. For the little ones it might be a blankie, a favorite toy, our pet. For the older kids it might be their iPhone or their best friend! And … Read More