Santa Limited Edition Sessions – Houston TX Child Photographer

It is that time of year! Fall is here and that means Santa Limited Edition sessions are live! They sell out every year, so I wanted to give you a little more information. Our Santa sessions are an experience, not a drive thru experience. Something that the kids talk about all year long. It is one of our most asked … Read More

Back to the Pole – Houston TX Child Photographer

I just packed Santa Todd up and sent him back to the North Pole until next year. He had a great year seeing all of our clients. Some have grown up seeing Santa every year since they were babies. Others it was their first year. Either way, I think we all had a great time and we won most everyone … Read More

Back to the North Pole – Houston TX Child Photographer

Day two of Santa is in the books. It was a long day, but a very good day. Today we saw several clients from years past and a couple of new clients. No matter how long they have been coming to see Santa Todd, they all had one thing in common. They left with a smile on their face. A … Read More

Santa’s Out – Houston TX Santa Photographer

Yesterday, we finished up the 2016 santa season. And what a season it was! Santa rocked it. The kids rocked it. And we sent Santa off to the North Pole so he can get some rest before his big day. It was so great to see so many clients. I hope they had a great time with Santa. We read, … Read More

Santa was pooped – Houston TX Santa Photographer

Yesterday was amazing. Santa was in the studio and we had a great time seeing our clients. And our clients were super excited to see Santa. There were cookies eaten, books read and lots of fun to be had. And luckily not many tears. We managed to distract the little ones who were not sure about Santa Todd and everyone … Read More

Indoor Fun – Houston TX Santa Photographer

The W family comes every year. And every year it gets more and more fun. Miss K has been seeing Santa Todd for many years and she gets very excited to tell him her list. I love this image of them below. You can see the joy in her eyes. Mr. G is starting to enjoy Santa Todd. This year … Read More

Santa is coming to town – Houston TX Photographer

Santa called and he is so excited about coming to the studio this year. We have planned out his stops and dates. So are you ready? Start talking to your kiddos about Quiet Time with Santa. We will have spots available in November and December this year. And you can select from an indoor set or outdoor location. Santa Todd … Read More

Santa Todd is Back – Houston TX Santa Photographer

Last year Santa sessions were super cold. This year, they were rained out. Ugh. It is always something. 🙂 Never a dull moment around here. But they always turn out really fun. And I love seeing all of my repeat clients year after year. And this year we had a few new clients too. I hope they were super excited … Read More

Cookies for Rudolph – Houston TX Child Photographer

These two have a bond with Santa. Well, probably with anyone they meet. But I know they have a special bond with Santa. This is going on four years for Miss K and three years for Mr. K to have their pictures taken with Santa Todd. To say they enjoy it is an understatement. They talk about it all year … Read More

Have no fear – Houston TX Santa Photographer

Come rain or shine, I can find a way to make our Santa sessions happen. We had several Santa sessions scheduled for this weekend in Galveston. Even though I was super excited for them and I think they would have been THE best Santa sessions we have ever done, the weather turned against us. So our backup plan was to … Read More