Tickle Fest – Houston TX Twin Photographer

You may recognize these twins from last year. Oh how I love them.

One spunky and fun, the other a love bug with curls to die for. Such different personalities but they both keep their mama on her toes. And their big brother for that matter. We saw them last year for the mommy and me sessions. And they are back!

We had a ton of fun chasing these two last night in the park. We read, tickled, chased and of course played on the playground. But most of all, they spent some time with this amazing mama who holds down the fort while her husband works offshore. I don’t know how she does it. Weeks at a time! Hugs to you and all of you moms out there with traveling husbands. I know exactly how you feel.

I hope that having sweet images of all three of her kids will make those hours seem a little shorter.

Enjoy the sneaks and many more to come!

Houston, TX mother and her two year old twins, taken by Kara Powell Photography.

Houston, TX mother and all three of her kids, taken by Kara Powell Photography.