Visitors – Houston TX Child Photographer

Every month, I have a regular visitor. He comes to get his monthly image taken for his 1 year album.

This month is his 11 month portrait. We had a Christmas/holiday theme! Yeah!

Houston, TX eleven month old in his snow outfit, taken by Kara Powell Photography.

We did this very same monthly thing with his sisters, who just happen to be twins.

I so enjoyed seeing them and their mama when they were growing up each and every month. And now I get the same privledge with Mr. R. Sadly, it is almost over. Next month will be his first birthday.

I never dreamed of how fast this year would go. It seemed like yesterday that his mom and dad were getting married. And now he is almost one.

Well today, Mr. R and his sisters came over to take his 11 month images. We had a great time. It was loud and crazy, but we got the job done. We even had time to take a few of my favorite girls! I miss getting to see them so often. They have changed a lot.

Houston, TX five year old twins, taken by Kara Powell Photography.

Here is their one year image.